C&DAS “Fly Tying Club” Xmas 2014 Competition Evening

We held our C&DAS Fly Tying Xmas Competition on Thursday 11th November 2014 at The Bear Hotel.

It was a fun evening with lots of banter.

Copious amounts of fly tying materials were put on the table and our members were asked to choose any amount and any materials they wished.

Their task was to tie one fly twice. Each fly had to be as near as identical to each other as possible.

They could choose any category they wished, Trout fly or Salmon Fly.


Sportfish vouchers were the prizes.

Shown above are the four contenders.

1.Dave Saunders – Damsels. won best lure.

2. Paul Slayney – Slayers. won best of all of the flies.

3. Stephen Cox – Queensmill. won best trout fly.

4. Steve Carrington – Salmon Flies. won best salmon fly.

5. Trevor Watkins won most improved fly tyer and won a bottle of red wine.