Bridge Meadow & Pant-y-Goitre


1. Back of the Island: Holds the odd fish where the flow runs under the bank. Best suited to bait.

2. Pant y Goitre Croy Pool: A lovely looking pool which is very productive from the other side and strangely unproductive from our side. Always worth a cast and most fish come from downstream of the Croy.

3. Upper Bridge: A lovely fly water. Fish lie under the far bank trees and then in front of and to the left of the central bridge arch. The perfect height seems to be when the bridge buttress is just covered about 8″ above summer level, but it will fish from around 6″ up to 2″ above summer level.

4. Bridge Pool: A deep holding pool in which fish show regularly. The fish that lie directly behind the bridge and in the pit below are best approached with a spinner but you can cover them with a fly by wading under the bridge. You need to cross over and fish the tail from the right in order to avoid the trees. You will need to work the fly at first but with any sort of water on it it wil fish nicely.

5. The Cut: A narrow rush of water, that looks too fast to hold fish but it does seem to hold a Salmon in lower flows, less than 8″ above summer levels. Only a few casts but well worth fishing.

6. Upper Flats: A lovely bit of fly water that fishes with 6″ above summer levels but need 12″ – 18″ of extra water to be at it’s best and will fish in higher water than that; with the taking line moving from right to left bank as the water rises. Note that grilse tend to lie in very shallow water at the top, so approach with extreme care and do not wade deep on the first run down.

7. Lower Flats: Can be fished from both sides and is a good mid-high water catch. Needs at least 12″ of extra water to hold fish and from that height it takes the fly nicely from the right bank, although more suited to the spinner from the left bank. Produces fish as high as plus 4 foot and is the best high water catch on the beat.

8. Bridge Meadow Croy Pool: This is the major holding pool on the beat. The neck is a classic fly stream that fishes from both sides, but is probably better from the left bank. The last third down to the Croy on the right bank is only fishable from the left bank. This is one section that you do need to work the fly or fish a spinner unless the water is more than 2″ above summer level, in which case the current will carry a fly nicely past the end of the beat. N.B. the Croy is not part of the beat and you are not allowed to fish from it. In the last couple of years a small and likely spot has developed under the left bank between the tail of the lower flats and the neck of Lower Pool. It could be promising if grilse are moving on low’ish water.

Pant y Goitre beat.

Bridge Meadow beat.



Glangrwyne Court and Llanwenarth beats


1.The Wires: A high water catch. Fish on inside just below wires.

2. Upper Bridge Pool: Lovely fly stream over gravel, seems to change after every big flood so hot spots change each year but it is always worth fishing as far down as you can in all heights. It gets ver deep.

3.Lower Bridge Pool: A nice looking glide suited to bait & spinner. Fish lie in main flow line for 40 or so yards below bridge.

4. Canal Pool: A good holding pool. Worth fishing the run down to it in high & medium water, as there is a channel under the left bank that fish rest in. The best catch is level with the stream mouth. The belly is a good cast for a sea trout on a summers evening and produces salmon tight to the far bank. The odd fish the tail produces seems a paltry return for so nice a piece of water.

5.Wall Pool: A fast shallow run that fishes the fly beautifully and seems most productive in medium to low flow. Good as the last of the water runs away after a summer spate. Fish lie under the white water right down to the tail.

6. Rock Pool: A fairly shallow pool that fishes the fly beautifully and seems most productive in medium & low water. In high water it is worth fishing a fly down the left hand side where a number of rocks & depressions cause running fish to pause.

7. Confluence Run. A good cast for a spring fish and a lovely fly run. A ledge along the far bank holds fish in medium & low water. The tail is difficult to fish but looks likely when fish are running.

The Legar, Glan y afon and Bullpit Meadow fisheries


1.Bridge Pool: C&DAS’S most productive pool. Fish can lie anywhere within the “V” at the tail being especially good when fish are running. You can try a fly from the Bridge Sill, but most fish are taken on a Spinner cast up to the sill.

2. The Run: A nice fly run just below the Bridge Pool. Fish hold under the main current in medium & low water.

3. The Pots: A couple of deeper holes under the right bank hold the odd fish when they are running.


Red Barn and Cadfor Fisheries

1.Stumpy: An old croy just sticks out of the gravel at the top of the beat. It produces the occasional fish off the end of it but it is not easy to cover and is now rarely fished.

2.Barrels: Some concrete filled drums were placed on the bottom of this glide 20 or so years ago. They initially produced several fish but then were buried under gravel. In 2012 they were exposed again and the pool started to hold fish once more.

3. Top Pipe: A great pool for Salmon & Sewin. Currently only fishable from the Cadfor side. Worth fishing right the way down. In order to cover it properly you have to expect to lose some kit in the far bank Willows.

4. Red Barn: Another very useful pool. The top & tail produce fish regularly but the big eddy where the stream comes in is strangely unproductive.

5. Monument: The neck produces fish in low water. The middle & tail are prone to gravel movement but are always worth a cast.

6. Upper Flats: A couple of deep holes under that left bank hold the odd fish. Better from the other side due to the high bank.

7. Croy Pool: A very productive pool. Start 10 yards above the croy and fish it right through to the tail. The hotspots are just above the croy, 10-20 yards below it and then where the current starts to glide.

8. Cottage Pool: Fishes in all but very low water. Start at the apex of the corner and get your lure right under the far bank. You can find fish anywhere in the next 300 yards. In high water fish are taken just off the left bank. The last 50 yards have improved in recent years.

9. Lucky Pool: Another pool that is changing. The main flow is productive but watch out for the snags on the bottom. Can be fished from the gravel bar at the top but it is the section which runs along the eroding bank that produces the most fish.

10. Lower Flats: A long glide with a couple of deeper holes that produce fish to those who know where they are.

11. The Pipe: After running up from the bridge fish pause on the far side around the area where the pipline crosses the river. Best suited to the Spinner and you need to land it tight to the far bank. There is a mid-river lie just above the tail, but fish hooked here always seem to head back to under the Bridge.