Here are videos of Fly Tying and also some Casting Techniques.

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“The Snowshoe Emerger” was designed by Mark Roberts and is featured in his article “Trout Fishing in Spring on the River Usk”.

Snowshoe Emerger from Gwent Angling Society on Vimeo.

“The Grannom Pupa Emerger” was designed by Dave Collins.

grannomemerger from Gwent Angling Society on Vimeo.

“F” Fly Variant was designed by Mark Roberts.  Y0l9Zgvl6ek&list=PL0F72FCF70955C1CC

fflyvar from Gwent Angling Society on Vimeo.

This is really worth watching. It’s Frank Sawyer’s Pheasant Tail Nymph tied as Frank Sawyer would have tied it. Three materials only: Hook, Pheasant Centre Tail & Copper Wire. No Silk – therefore no bobbin holder, no whip finish tool – just the three materials and a scissors.

Damsels in Distress!   

You have to watch this! If this doesn’t stir your blood nothing will!

Damsels in Distress from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.


Osprey Fishing

This is really something to watch.  What a magnificent bird.
Hard to believe this Osprey got 5-6 fish at a time and then got a flounder under 3 feet of water and made off with what looks to be a 5+ lbs steel-head. Have  you
ever seen a bird shake water off like a dog  does? Wouldn’t  want to get in its way when its eyes locked onto you, and his talons are in the “load” position! It’s talons are amazing!
There are 3 sequences in this one video: 1st  sequence – catches half a dozen fish in one strike.  2nd sequence – plunges talons into deep water to grab the  prey.  3rd sequence – captures a big old fish that looks as if it weighs more than he does!
This is incredible to watch!  Next  time  I  go fishing,  I want to take this guy along with me!
See If you can guess where the trout will rise.
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