The Gobion Beats

Pant y Goitre and Bridge Meadow

Situated about 5 miles downstream of Abergavenny, the two beats in the parish of Llanvihangle Gobion are the latest addition to the CDAS family. Most of the salmon caught over the last few years have been from here. The beat upstream of the bridge is known as Pant y Goitre and the beat downstream is known as Bridge Meadow.

Situated on the B4598, the nearest parking is just by the bridge at this What3Words location. As you might expect for such rural beats there are not many amenities around, but there is a cafe, The Steel Horse, about 1/2 a mile along the road.

1. Back of the Island: Holds the odd fish where the flow runs under the bank. Best suited to bait. What3Words location.

2. Pant y Goitre Croy Pool: A lovely looking pool which is very productive from the other side and strangely unproductive from our side. Always worth a cast and most fish come from downstream of the Croy. What3Words location.

3. Upper Bridge: A lovely fly water. Fish lie under the far bank trees and then in front of and to the left of the central bridge arch. The perfect height seems to be when the bridge buttress is just covered about 8″ above summer level, but it will fish from around 6″ up to 2″ above summer level. What3Words location.

4. Bridge Pool: A deep holding pool in which fish show regularly. The fish that lie directly behind the bridge and in the pit below are best approached with a spinner but you can cover them with a fly by wading under the bridge. You need to cross over and fish the tail from the right in order to avoid the trees. You will need to work the fly at first but with any sort of water on it it will fish nicely. What3Words location.

5. The Cut: A narrow rush of water, that looks too fast to hold fish but it does seem to hold a Salmon in lower flows, less than 8″ above summer levels. Only a few casts but well worth fishing. What3Words location.

6. Upper Flats: A lovely bit of fly water that fishes with 6″ above summer levels but need 12″ – 18″ of extra water to be at it’s best and will fish in higher water than that; with the taking line moving from right to left bank as the water rises. Note that grilse tend to lie in very shallow water at the top, so approach with extreme care and do not wade deep on the first run down. What3Words location.

7. Lower Flats: Can be fished from both sides and is a good mid-high water catch. Needs at least 12″ of extra water to hold fish and from that height it takes the fly nicely from the right bank, although more suited to the spinner from the left bank. Produces fish as high as plus 4 foot and is the best high water catch on the beat. What3Words location.

8. Bridge Meadow Croy Pool: This is the major holding pool on the beat. The neck is a classic fly stream that fishes from both sides, but is probably better from the left bank. The last third down to the Croy on the right bank is only fishable from the left bank. This is one section that you do need to work the fly or fish a spinner unless the water is more than 2″ above summer level, in which case the current will carry a fly nicely past the end of the beat. N.B. the Croy is not part of the beat and you are not allowed to fish from it. In the last couple of years a small and likely spot has developed under the left bank between the tail of the lower flats and the neck of Lower Pool. It could be promising if grilse are moving on low’ish water. What3Words location.