The Glangrwyne Beats

Glangrwyne Court, Llanwenarth and the River Grwyne

Glangrwyne is a small village situated half way between Crickhowell and Abergavenny.

1.The Wires: A high water catch. Fish on inside just below wires.

2. Upper Bridge Pool: Lovely fly stream over gravel, seems to change after every big flood so hot spots change each year but it is always worth fishing as far down as you can in all heights. It gets ver deep.

3.Lower Bridge Pool: A nice looking glide suited to bait & spinner. Fish lie in main flow line for 40 or so yards below bridge.

4. Canal Pool: A good holding pool. Worth fishing the run down to it in high & medium water, as there is a channel under the left bank that fish rest in. The best catch is level with the stream mouth. The belly is a good cast for a sea trout on a summers evening and produces salmon tight to the far bank. The odd fish the tail produces seems a paltry return for so nice a piece of water.

5.Wall Pool: A fast shallow run that fishes the fly beautifully and seems most productive in medium to low flow. Good as the last of the water runs away after a summer spate. Fish lie under the white water right down to the tail.

6. Rock Pool: A fairly shallow pool that fishes the fly beautifully and seems most productive in medium & low water. In high water it is worth fishing a fly down the left hand side where a number of rocks & depressions cause running fish to pause.

7. Confluence Run. A good cast for a spring fish and a lovely fly run. A ledge along the far bank holds fish in medium & low water. The tail is difficult to fish but looks likely when fish are running.