Stooping.Bonkers.Shelters – Why We Sometimes Need 3 Words

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend where the best place to fish it? If often goes something like ‘..its just behind the bush after the third gate’. Of course you can go technical using lat & long, but its easy to mix the many formats and 9 decimal points.

To fix this problem there is a new site called which has divided the world up into 3m squares and given each square a name made up of just three words. Just look at their website or download the app.

Its also great for fishing safety. Increasingly the emergency services are also using what3words as a way of finding people in rural communities (or river banks) where a Post Code will not cut it.

So where is Stooping.Bonkers.Shelters, its the car park outside the pub next to the bridge in Crickhowell. Just don’t tell that to the Police when they ask you ‘where have you been Sir?’.