Reporting Poaching

In the last few weeks there have been reports of poachers at Red Barn and Glangrwyney. Besides not being Members of the Society they have broken the Government Rules regarding Covid 19 and social distancing.

Please if you see such activity do not approach the person(s) but report it to Natural Resources Wales’s Environmental Incident Hotline by calling 03000 65 3000 and pressing 1. Details are also printed on the back page of your Membership Booklet. This is 24-hour service and covers many types of incidents as well as poaching.

The information they will require will be:

  • Where is/was the incident taking place, provide a grid reference if possible ie NT 252 735. Otherwise, provide accurate directions/descriptions of the location.
  • What is/was happening?
  • Who is/was responsible for the incident?
  • When did the incident take place?

Finally if the poacher/poachers are using a car the registration would be crucial and any photographic evidence would help too.