Petition against the NRW

Dear Member,

We trust you are well and looking forward to some decent weather and wetting your lines.
Below (which is self-explanatory) is a PETITION which has been raised by Betws Anglers and is for your consideration.
Kind Regards.
Clive Williams.
Hon. Secretary C&DAS.


Following a meeting with their local AM Betws Anglers (Conwy) were advised to raise a petition against the decision making process used by NRW during the proposed bylaw consultation. 

A petition has now been raised by Betws AC this is now ‘Live’ and can be found by clicking this link:  can you please sign this petition; we need as many game anglers as possible to support this. 

Unlike the petition raised by Reuben Woodford this is a Welsh Government petition and depending on the support it receives will be considered by the WG petitions committee, this could result in a public inquiry on the way the proposed NRW fisheries bylaws consultation has been conducted.  We need your support please forward this to as many anglers as possible – there are 4800 migratory fish licence holders in Wales and many more who fish Welsh rivers but live in England, we need them all to support us.

I have attached a copy of the petition wording for your records.


Chris White

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