NRW Proposals

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Please see the NRW (Natural Resources Wales) e-mail (below) and the attachment form NRW, this relates to proposals for new controls, regarding fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout.
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Clive Williams Hon. Secretary C&DAS.

NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout

After careful consideration of our evidence and wishing to take full account of the views we have received during our engagements with customers and stakeholders, we are now proposing changes to fishing controls to the salmon and sea trout net and rod fisheries.

We would like to make you aware that we have:

  1. Advertised a new Net Limitation Order
  2. Launched  a statutory consultation on  new byelaws for rod and net fishing

Both processes began on 22 August 17 and runs for 12 weeks.

The proposals include:

  • Maintaining the same number of net licences in the 13 public salmon and sea trout net fisheries
  • Making consistent the start and end of the  net fishing seasons:
    • Shortening the netting season by starting net fisheries no earlier than 1st May
    • Ending the netting season on the 31st July
  • Implementing full catch and release fishing on all net and rod fisheries for salmon
  • Requiring sea trout catch and release in rod fisheries on vulnerable rivers before 1st May
  • Setting a 60cm maximum size limit for sea trout in rod fisheries
  • Implementing method restrictions (bait, barbless hooks and trebles) so that released fish have a good chance of survival (Byelaws)

This is both a complex and, for many a contentious issue.  In order to help you, please find attached the executive summary to our technical case, summarising our approach.

A full set of documents including the technical case, byelaws, and response form can be found on our web site

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us