March Fishing

The season opened to falling water following another deluge on the 20th Feb that saw Crickhowell flooded once again. A second smaller flood came around the 10th March and the water has fallen away ever since save for a small spike at the end of March. Snow lay on the hills for a large part of the month and water and air temperatures remained low. One of our members, Chad McDonald caught the first salmon of the season on the 27th, albeit not from our beats. Congratulations to Chad. Spring fish often run straight to the middle river so it cant be too long before our lowest beats pick up a fish.
Fly hatches have not (in my experience) been as abundant as normal save for the Grannom which began hatching at the end of the month. March Brown were present from opening day but the LDO has been rather subdued. However kick sampling shows vast quantities of nymphs and aquatic life so when the weather warms the trout should begin looking up. A good number of fish are reported from Glangrwyne beats and Alistair Andrews had at least one good day on the Grwyne itself. Up and down the river the French leader and beaded nymphs were the most succesful method.