GAIA Assessment Weekend October 27th-29th October



AGM/Assessment Weekend at Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre



Friday 27 October


9.00am               Assessors’ Meeting at riverbank


9.30am               Assessments


12.30pm             Lunch


1.00pm               Assessments


4.30-5.00pm      Assessors’ Debrief



Saturday 28 October – CPPD is open to non-members for a nominal charge of £10. Riverbank sessions are designed to be interactional workshops rather than demonstrations so please bring fishing rods. Mark Lloyd from the Angling Trust will also be around during the day to answer any questions about their relationship with GAIA.


9.00-10.00am             CPPD – Alun Rees, Skagit (riverbank)


10.00-11.00am           CPPD – Phil Ratcliffe, Syllabi & Teaching Methods (riverbank)


11.15-12.15pm           CPPD – Jon Penny, Coaching People with Physical Injuries (Gilwern OEC)


12.15-1.00pm             Lunch


1.00-2.00pm                CPPD – Brian Szukala, Instructional Techniques/Coaching (Gilwern OEC)


2.00-3.00pm                CPPD – John Reynolds, Casting further with little extra effort (single-handed) (Gilwern OEC) NOTE. This session will only take place if there is sufficient classroom space available


2.00-3.30pm                Committee Meeting (Gilwern OEC)


3.30-5.30pm                Annual General Meeting (Gilwern OEC)


7.30pm                         Presentation and Evening Meal at The Bear Hotel

(for 8.00pm sit down)



Sunday 29 October


10.00-12.00pm         Assessors’ Meeting (Gilwern OEC)