Discussion held at the Senedd

Mark Roberts,together with Paige & Justin Connolly represented C&DAS & Gwent Angling Society at the Senedd in order to discuss the “Proposed Welsh Assembly Government legalisation for greater access to our rivers “. C&DAS have donated £1000 to SACC for them to fight this legislation and we would encourage all members to sign up individually in order to fight this legislation.

Please click on the SACC website:- www.accesscymru.org to register your support for this campaign.

           Paige demonstrated some Fly Tying which generated quite a lot of interest.


There were a few other celebrities there too!


You may not be aware that there is a threat to your fishing by the uncontrolled access to the river by other river users. Please recognise that we are not against anyone enjoying the river. However, that access must be controlled for the sake of the environment and for those who pay for the right to legititmately use and care for the river.

The Welsh Government have already announced that it is proposing a bill which will allow recreational access to the rivers and inland water-ways of Wales without the need to ask permission or indeed without consequence for  the disturbance of your right to fish.

In order to combat this debacle a new organisation has been formed.which is supported by other organisations such as “Countryside Alliance”, “Angling Trust”, “Angling Cymru”, “Country Landowners Association” and many, many more….

The organisation will be know as the SACC (Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru) and they have launched a website at  www.accesscymru.org

If you do nothing else we urge you to visit the website and register your support for the campaign.