Club Rules

Club Bye-Laws





16th January 2014

  1. Senior members of the Society shall be entitled to fish the Bullpit Meadow but priority is given to Junior Members.
  2. Where the water upon which any member is entitled to fish does not extend across the full width of the river a Member must not fish beyond the extent of the water upon which he is entitled to fish.
  3. All Members of the Society shall record all catches of fish taken from the Society’s water and shall make a return in writing each year to the Honorary Treasurer of all catches of fish, showing the date of catch, stretch of water (Bullpit Meadow, The Legar, Grwyney River, Red Barn, Glangrwyney Court, Bridge Meadow and any Rented Water), the weight of any salmon caught, and any other information which the member shall consider of interest to the Society.
  1. (2) To comply with Environment Agency (EA)/Natural Resource Wales (NRW) requirements, catch returns, nil or otherwise, are required by 31stOctober in each year.
  2. (3) Failure to submit a catch return, nil or otherwise, to the Catch Return officer by 31st October annually will result in the non-renewal of their membership.
  1. All Persons fishing the Society’s water shall comply with all reasonable requests of the Water Bailiffs appointed by the Society or any Officer of the EA/NRW. This includes the checking of fishing permits, EA/NRW rod licences, subscription receipts, identification cards, fishing tackle, fishing tackle bags and bags of any retained fish.
  2. Worming for trout on and between the 3rd March and the 15th June and on and between the 16th September and the 30th September is banned annually on the river Usk; this is to coincide with the EA/NRW bye-laws affecting salmon fishing on the river Usk.
  3. EA/NRW bye-laws will apply to the River Grwyney for salmon and trout fishing. Fishing for salmon and trout on the River Grwyney will cease on the 30th September annually.
  4. Only approved legal baits as laid down by the EA/NRW shall be permitted.
  5. There will be a bag limit of 2 brown trout on any water owned or rented by the Society. Any member having caught 2 brown trout is not permitted to take fish from any other part of the Society’s water in that day.
  6. Minimum size for brown trout is 10 inches.
  7. Members may retain a maximum of 5 salmon, in any one season, from the waters belonging to or rented by the Society.
  8. Members are only permitted to use barbless or de-barbed hooks, throughout the entire fishing season, whilst fishing for any species of fish on all waters belonging to or rented by the Society.
  9. The sale of all fish caught on waters belonging to or rented by the Society is prohibited.
  10. All Members of the Society are to acknowledge that they have received and read the Society’s Angling Safety: Guidelines.
  11. All subscriptions are due by 28th February annually. If any member has not paid by this date it will be deemed that he/she has resigned.
  12. It is the members’ responsibility to advise the Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer of any change of address or email address.
  13. Club Junior Members may fish the Bullpit Meadow only.
  14. Club Junior Members who wish to fish all the Society’s water may fish on the payment of a special reduced fee laid down by the Committee. Hence known as Special Juniors.
  15. Any Club Junior Member on having attained the age of eighteen years will be required to pay the full senior annual subscription plus the joining fee.
  16. All Members (except as hereunder with regard to Special Junior Members) are required to pay a joining fee in addition to the annual subscription.
  17. There are two categories of Junior Membership:-
  • Club Juniors.
  • Special Juniors who pay the reduced Senior Members’ fee.
  1. A Special Junior Member on attaining the age of eighteen years will not be required to pay the joining fee providing they have been a Special Junior Member for a minimum of two years.
  2. All Committee Members are to be Honorary Bailiffs and any other approved full member appointed by the Committee.
  3. All members must carry their current subscription receipt, identification card and EA/NRW rod licence when fishing.
  4. To comply with Environment Agency rules relating to spring salmon fishing of fly only to the 1st June annually, all members must move through the pools and runs in an orderly and gentlemanly fashion and maintain an adequate and sensible distance between themselves and their fellow anglers to ensure safety at all times.
  5. A limit of 5 rods only will be allowed to fish on the Llangattock side of the Bridge Pool at Crickhowell at any one time. All members must move through this pool and run in an orderly and gentlemanly fashion and maintain an adequate and safe distance between themselves and their fellow anglers to ensure safety at all times. It is suggested that members have a maximum of five casts from any one position before moving downstream by at least two paces.
  6. All Junior and Special Junior Members of the Society under the age of 13 years must at all times be accompanied by a Parent, Guardian or Adult when fishing the Society’s water (Owned or Rented). Failure to carry this out will result in the withdrawal of membership.


Rod Fishing Byelaws

A guide for anglers 2011

Please note – we will be consulting on new 100% Catch & Release byelaws for the rivers Wye
(salmon) and Taff (salmon and sea trout) in early 2011. We hope to bring the new byelaws in by June

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