C&DAS Catch Returns for 2017 Season.

C&DAS Catch Returns 2017 Season


41% of members fished 327 days for salmon in the 2017 season

17 Members caught salmon in the 2017 season

39 Salmon were caught in the 2017 season for a total weight of 487.5lbs, an average of 12.5lbs

Rod Activity v Catch shows 1 salmon for every 12 days of rod effort

29 Salmon were returned giving a catch and release figure of 74%


Salmon catch by beat

Pant-y goitre 10 Salmon

Cadfor Farm 1 Salmon

Redbarn 12 Salmon

Bridge Meadow 9 Salmon

Glangrwyne court 2 Salmon

Bridge Pool 5 Salmon


Salmon Catch breakdown by month

April- 0

May- 1

June- 11

July- 9

August- 6


October- 5

Salmon Catch by method

Fly- 24 Salmon

Spinning- 14 Salmon

Bait-1 Salmon

There were 2 largest salmon reported as being caught, the first was by Ricky Smith on the 9th June 2017 at Bridge Meadow and weighed 18lb and was returned, the second was caught by Chad Macdonald on the 11th June 2017, and was also a 18lb fish caught on the Bridge Pool at Crickhowell and was also returned.

Sea-Trout Returns


There were 6 sea trout reported in the 2017 averaging around the 2lb mark

Brown Trout Returns

46% of members submitted a return for Brown Trout caught during the 2017 season

All of C&DAS waters accounted for an annual catch of 532 Brown Trout of which 123 were retained subsequently a catch and release figure of 77% was realised.

Brown Trout returns by beat, and catch.

Glangrwyne Court

Red Barn- 286

Legar– 26

Cadfor Farm– 68

Glangrwyne Court-83

Pant-y-goitre– 54

Bullpit Meadow– 0

River Grwyne– 15

Further Information-

It should be noted that 54% of members submitted a zero/didn’t fish return